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3rd Round BDS Selected Candidates Merit List (Open Merit)
2nd Round BDS Selected Candidates Merit List (Open Merit)

It is to inform all applicants who has applied for admission in 1st Year BDS (Session 2023-24) in Peshawar Dental College, must also apply on KMU portal (Private Medical College)


College Introduction

Peshawar Dental College Peshawar with a mission to achieve excellence in professional competence and ethical values, offers merit-based admissions to a four-year Bachelor of Dental Surgery (BDS) programme. The transparent admission process ensures the admission of high quality students to fulfill the goal of the institution by producing graduates who are capable of delivering ethically driven quality of oral & dental health care to the community, contribute in the advancement of dental health research, development of evidence-based dental health care interventions and prove to be a socially responsible, honest, respectable and patriotic professionals.

Admissions: FIRST YEAR BDS, Session, 2023-24:

The following Admission Policy is formulated in compliance with the provisions of under clause (f) of sub section (2) of section 9 and sub section (2) of section 47 of the Pakistan Medical and Dental Council Act, 2022 (Act No. 4 of 2023), and Medical and Dental Undergraduate Education (Admissions, Curriculum and Conduct) Policy and Regulations 2023, for admission of students to Peshawar Dental College in First year BDS.


AS PER PAKISTAN MEDICAL & DENTAL COUNCIL RULES: Following mandatory criteria of PM&DC will be strictly followed for admission in BDS program:

A. Pakistani Students
  • Have Passed MDCAT Examination.
  • Obtained a Higher Secondary School Certificate qualification ("HSSC”) or an equivalent 12th grade qualification recognized in Pakistan and having obtained sixty percent (60%) marks therein, or a higher percentage as may be notified by the Pakistan Medical and Dental Council.
  • Passed the subjects of biology and chemistry. The student may opt to qualify either physics or mathematics in the examination of the Higher Secondary School Certificate or an equivalent 12th grade qualification recognized in Pakistan

  • As per PM&DC Medical and Dental Undergraduate Education (Admissions, Curriculum and Conduct) Policy and Regulations 2023 Regulation (7) (b); No candidate shall be eligible for foreign quota seats in the public and private medical and dental institutions under sub regulations (a) unless, he holds a permanent foreign nationality or is an overseas (being a Pakistani citizen permanently resident in a foreign county) Pakistani, and who has studied and passed HSSC 12th grade examination or equivalent from outside Pakistan and is a resident of foreign country at the time of applying for admission and possess a certificate from the institution last attended to this effect.

  • The mandatory requirement of MDCAT shall not apply to students seeking admission on a special program seat predefined exclusively for foreign students and on the seats reserved for overseas Pakistanis. Such students shall qualify sat-II with minimum score of 550 in each subject or a foreign MCAT examination or UCAT examination with 50% marks in the subjects as prescribed in Regulation 3 (c) of Medical and Dental Undergraduate Education (Admissions, Curriculum and Conduct) Policy and Regulations 2023.

    Note: IBCC Equivalent Certificate must be presented by both Pakistani and Foreign candidates in case of any qualifications passed from a foreign examination body.


    1. MDCAT/SAT II/Foreign MCAT/UCAT 50%

    2. HSSC or Equivalent 40%

    3. Matric/SSC or Equivalent 10%


    1. Admissions will be made strictly on merit basis.

    2. In case more than one student is equal up to four decimals, the candidate older in age will be considered higher in merit;

    3. After the display of Final Merit List, if there is any vacant seat, next student on merit in the waiting list will be offered admission against such vacant seat.

    Note: Pakistan Medical & Dental Council Medical and Dental Undergraduate Education (Admissions, Curriculum and Conduct) Policy and Regulations 2023.

    5. Admissions Process for Private Colleges
    (14) A student when accepting admission to a college shall be under an obligation to disclose to the college if a prior admission has been accepted by them to any other college, and such student shall prior to accepting such later admission must in writing inform the prior college of cancellation of their acceptance with a copy to the designated email of the Authority. Failure by astudent to cancel the prior acceptance of admission shall render all admission offers of the student as void and the student shall be ineligible for admission. All colleges shall ensure that they properly apprise and educate the applicant students of this provision as part of their admissions policy, prospectus and at the time of making an offer of admission.


    1. The applications through online portal of the college shall be accepted for the scrutiny and calculation of merit as per Medical and Dental Undergraduate Education (Admissions, Curriculum and Conduct) Policy and Regulations 2023.
    2. The applicants shall be responsible to provide the following documents by uploading to the College website before the closing date:
      1. SSC / IBCC Certificate
      2. HSSC / IBCC Certificate (once available)
      3. MDCAT/SAT II/MCAT/UCAT result
      4. Domicile Certificate
      5. CNIC / Form ‘B’ of Applicant and CNIC of Father
      6. Passport size photograph
      7. Copy of Passport (foreign nationals), proof of permanent resident in foreign country (overseas Pakistani) and Certificate from the institution last attended.
    3. It is the responsibility of all applicants to visit our website for updated information.
    4. Communication to the applicants will be strictly through college website and their cell number and Page 3 of 4 email provided by the applicants.
    5. All selected applicants and their parent/guardian, will be required to submit an affidavit on judicial stamp paper of Rs. 100/- duly attested by a notary, (specimen will be provided at the time of admission).

      Admission Offer will be treated as provisional subject to verification of all original documents, medical fitness and fee deposit within the stipulated period.
    6. The students will be invited for the interviews, at Peshawar Dental College, which will be mandatory. Only those appearing in the interview and falling in the merit, will be issued an offer letter.

    Note: Students are supposed to bring all their original Academic documents, MDCATand CNIC of Student and Father.

    For further clarification (Eligibility for Admissions including foreign/overseas seats and Admission Process etc), please see Chapter II, of Medical and Dental Undergraduate Education (Admissions, Curriculum and Conduct) Policy and Regulations 2023.

    Reference Link: ion%20(Admission,%20Curriculum%20and%20Conduct)%20Policy%20and%20Regulations%202023.pdf



    1. The selected applicant shall be bound to deposit fee within 3 (three) working days failing which the admission offer shall automatically stand withdrawn and next candidate on merit will be issued admission offer.
    2. The college has prescribed tuition fee of each year for the entire duration of program and shall not be enhanced during the entire duration a student remains in the program (unless revised by the PM&DC).
    3. No students shall be required to provide any form of security for payment of fee by a college.
    4. Fee shall be paid through Pay Order, or Fund Transfer and Cash may not be accepted by the College.
    5. A student shall have the right to pay tuition fee on a quarterly, six monthly or annual basis to the college. A student paying the college on a six monthly basis in advance shall be granted a two percent discount in the tuition fee and a student paying the college on an annual basis in advance shall be granted a four percent discount in the tuition fee. All the other students are obliged to pay each year quarterly fee at start of the academic year followed by paying the remainder in three quarterly instalments before close of the academic year.
    6. All government taxes, University charges, regulatory body charges including PM&DC annual registration will be charged to the student on actual basis subject to change by the concerned authority from time to time. To claim income tax waiver, the parent/guardian/financer of the student will be liable to provide evidence, latest Income Tax Return as well as other related required under Tax Laws.
    7. If a student after having obtained admission seeks either to leave the Programme / college or transfer to other college in the middle of the academic session, the college shall have the right to adjust the tuition fee already paid on pro rata basis along with penalty up to 10% of Total Annual Fee. However, no penalty shall be imposed upon a student who seeks to leave the program before the closing date of admission in the private medical/dental colleges as notified by the Council.
    8. The students opting to pay annual fee in quarterly instalments will be obliged to pay the quarterly instalment by the due date. If a student fails to deposit the fee / dues within the stipulated period, they will have to pay the late fee charges as below:
      1. Rs 1,000 per day for the 1st 15 days’ delay
      2. Rs 2,000 per day from 16th day to 30th day of the month
    9. After expiry of 30 days of the due date for payment of fee/other dues, the Principal is empowered to debar the student from classes, ban to mark attendance and avail any sort of college facilities including library as well as appearing in the examinations. Meanwhile, the Principal will initiate disciplinary proceedings against the defaulter by serving notice of removal from the college to the defaulting student and guardian. After completing all formalities including providing opportunity of being heard, final outcome to be communicated duly endorsed to all concerned departments and student will be liable to be expelled in light of relevant clauses of Admission Regulation 2023-24.
    10. A detained student shall be charged tuition fee in proportion to the number of failed subjects of that professional examination.
    11. The name of the student expelled because of default in payment of tuition fee shall be notified to the Council within one week and the student’s registration with the Council shall be cancelled permanently. A student expelled shall not be eligible to seek admission to any other Medical or Dental college for a period of one year.
    12. College has the right to take Takaful coverage to minimize any future loss of income at its own expense without charging expense to the students.


    Particulars 1st Year 2nd Year 3rd Year Final Year Total
    Admission Fee 34,500 - - - 34,500
    College Annual Tuition Fee 1,725,000 1,854,500 1,993,500 2,143,000 7,716,000
    Total 1,759,500 1,854,500 1,993,500 2,143,000 7,750,500
    For Foreign Students
    Particulars 1st Year 2nd Year 3rd Year Final Year Total
    Admission Fee (PKR) 34,500 - - - 34,500
    College Annual Tuition Fee (USD) $12,000 $12,000 $12,000 $12,000 $48,000
    1. College Annual Tuition Fee does not includes University Annual Charges, University Annual Examination Charges and Physical examination, Govt Taxes, Pakistan Medical & Dental Council Charges or such other charges laid down by Govt of Pakistan and Pakistan Medical & Dental Council from time to time.
    Charges Payable to Government, Pakistan Medical & Dental Council and University as revised from time to time
  • University Annual Charges 50,000.00
  • University Examination Annual Charges 70,000.00
  • WHT as per FBR Rules as amended from time to time.
  • Students Initial Registration Fee / Annual Charges of Pakistan Medical & Dental Council.
  • Fee for Provisional License of Pakistan Medical & Dental Council.
  • National Licensing Examination Charges of Pakistan Medical & Dental Council. (If any)
  • Charges for Optional Facilities
  • Transport PKR 120,000
  • Hostel (Without Food & Electricity Charges) PKR 180,000
  • Mess as per actual
  • The charges will be resvised keeping inview the market inflation, fuel and other utilites

    PROSPECTUS   2023-24